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Viral Marketing that Works

Tue, 10/11/2005 - 08:05 -- rprice

If you haven't yet visited Carlton Draught's Big Ad Website, you should check it out. You will be asked to trust a Java Applet that helps play the ad in full screen. Then you see thousands of people in colored robes running across an Australian valley a la Lord of the Rings. People in primarily yellow robes led by a man on horseback running toward another group of people mostly in red robes. At least hundreds of people are really there in the camera shot. I don't doubt that computer graphics was used at some point to fill in the rest.

This ad has got a couple of things going for it: humor in a few places, a catchy song (everybody knows Carmina Bruana), and most of all the "WOW" factor. The production quality is also excellent. All of these things are there to make you send the web link to your friends an coworkers, and it obviously works. I love the last line of the song, "Hopefully this ad will sell some bloody beer!" I'm sure that's what all the Cartlon Draught people are thinking.

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