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What is Drupal?

Fri, 09/16/2011 - 17:53 -- rprice

I love this video. Looks like it is an ad for a Drupal event in the UK, but I think a lot of people could use this if the filmmaker would allow us to.

What is Drupal? from Larchmont Films on Vimeo.

With over half a million contributing developers in 200+ countries, Drupal powers over 2% of the web including such diverse sites as The White House,,, Amnesty International, MTVuk, .net magazine and

Drupal (pronounced drew-pull) is a Content Management System and web application development software written in a popular scripting language - PHP. Drupal has over 11,000 modules and over 1,000 themes, along with both a point and click interface to allow tech-savvy people to put together websites with no programming experience; and an API and framework for programmers to develop unique applications. Best of all, it's free, open source software!

To find out more about Drupal, come along to the Drupal Discovery Day in Brighton on 16th September


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