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Sun, 10/30/2005 - 19:02 -- rprice

So, Apple auto-upgraded my Dual 2.3’s to Dual 2.7’s, FREE. More after the jump, as they say on Boing Boing, or Engadget, or one of those type sites.

I also found out Charlie and I will be attending the Consumer Electronics Show in Vava Las Vegas!

Ok, on to the email from Apple.

> To Our Valued Apple Customer:
> Apple is pleased to announce a new generation of the Power Mac G5!
> Your Power Mac G5 order has not shipped yet, so we would like to offer you
> these two options:
> 1. Keep the previous model Power Mac G5 at the same price with an upgrade to
> the Dual 2.7GHz PowerPC processor. If you chose custom options they will be
> transferred to the upgraded model.
> OR
> 2. Upgrade to the new Power Mac G5, which will increase the cost of your
> order. Please visit the Apple Store at to configure
> and price your new Power Mac G5.
> Our new Power Mac G5 includes an updated PCI bus. Some PCI cards may not be
> compatible with the new PCI bus. Before you decide how to proceed with your
> order, you may want to check the specifications for peripheral devices that
> you plan to use with your new Power Mac G5 to be sure that they are compatible
> with the new PCI options as described here:

> Please visit
to make your selection.
> After you make your selection online, we will send an email within 24 to 48
> hours confirming that your request is being processed.
> We would like to hear from you by Friday October 28th, so please visit our
> website and make your selection soon. After Friday October 28th, we will
> release your order to ship with the previous model Power Mac G5 at the same
> price with an upgrade to the Dual 2.7GHz PowerPC processor.
> For the latest information on your order please visit
. The online order status site will keep you
> up to date throughout the purchase process. Once your order ships, you will be
> able to obtain tracking information here as well.
> Thank you for choosing Apple!
> Sincerely,
> Apple Store Customer Support

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