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VideoEgg Publisher

Sun, 11/13/2005 - 11:50 -- rprice

A few weeks ago I heard about this great tool called VideoEgg Publisher, released by NewEgg, Inc. in New Haven, Connecticut. They let me upload a video less than two minutes in length, and are hosting it for free for 30 days. Check it out.

They have really nailed ease of use, cross-platform compatibility, and just down-right simplicity with their platform. Uploading was a snap, and I was given the option to set a start and end point, as well as "erase" portions of the video.

Go to for more information and a demonstration. To use the VideoEgg plugin, just go to VideoEgg and choose "Product Demo" form the menu.

If you are a TypePad user , you can try the publisher out now and videoblog. TypePad offers 30-day free trial for non-users, which can be accessed via the VideoEgg Site or TypePad.

Good work, fellas. I hope to see more plug-n-play style tools for the internet in the future.


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