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RAM for Sale

Thu, 12/29/2005 - 07:05 -- rprice

I have some RAM I bought for my new G5, but due to a restocking error, I had to get the new motherboard, which means the RAM is no good. Here is a link:
Samsung 2GB (2048MB) Kit (2 x 1GB Module) PC3200 CAS 3.0 DDR 400MHz 184 Pin 128×64 DIMM 184 Pin for For PowerMac G5 Models, iMac G5. FACTORY ORIGINAL MODULES, New with Lifetime Advance Replacement Warranty

I got it for the published price of $239, but anything that beats the restocking fee would be wonderful. There is nothing wrong with the RAM, it is just the wrong model, I need a different number of pins (240 instead of 184) to fit the new machine. 2 GB of ram goes a long way.

This RAM should have no problem working in a PC with 184 pin PC3200 RAM.

If you or anyone you know can buy this from me and save me the eBay hassle, I would be their friend forever.
AIM: kerm52

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