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Backlash from Facebook and Digg users

Thu, 09/07/2006 - 10:38 -- rprice

Why, Facebook?

"Social networks to date have been these big unmanageable messes. Facebook is addressing that by giving users a tool to consolidate the information they care about." -Fred Wilson, via Scripting News

"one user, one vote--that's the rule" say the top 5 digg users after Jay and Kevin promise to take the wieght off of top voter's diggs.

These sites are trying to make things easier for the mass of their users, not the top 1%. If they end up alienating people, someone else will fill in the gaps, because neither of these site's traffic is going to decrease anytime soon. There will always be more n00bs to step in (at least until the next hot thing comes along, and there isn't one yet).

Seriously. You as an individual are not most important. If you don't like it, use the fun preferences that Facebook gave you to turn off your river, or use one of the other million digg clones on the planet. Problem solved, end of bitch fest.


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