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Something to eMail Mom About

Thu, 12/28/2006 - 22:04 -- rprice

I'm sorry, but I really enjoy finding a web page I make on the first page of Google. Search for stardust videos and the 10th result as of now links to OrlandoVideo! The search for orlando video also puts us 4th right now.
I was on this particular search string because I am helping out the world by contributing to, which is a modest site with modest Google Ads to support it that I saw on MyBlogLog (which I signed up for today).

Speaking of Ads, I tried to sign up Liberatr for Text Link Ads, but apparently I don't have enough "juice" or "thrust" or whatever euphemism for power they employ at their site. I do like the free tool that lets you compare your site to another across a number of different categories, but I was disappointed about the denial by their algorithm for the ability to sell good ads on my site (for now).

In other software/blogging/web related news, Charles and I were testing out WordPress MU this week and we were disappointed by the not-as-easy-to-use-as-WordPress-ness of the thing. I guess when you are trying to run multiple blogs off a single install base you can expect some complexities, but I am still waiting for someone to collaborate with on writing a tool to run a podcast network or for the price of Blogsmith to come to a reasonable level.
I am excited about trying out my own videoblog as a way to get across some more complex thoughts through this site, and to add to the idea that this is now "Ryan Price vs. the Media", or whatever I am calling the blog nowadays. Still, I applied to have a show on WPRK 91.5FM the other day and Charles is inquiring about writing a tech column for The Orlando Weekly. If anyone can help us get in front of some good eyeballs for that, leave a comment or use the email contact form at the top of the page (which is new in about the last 2 weeks or so).


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