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Sun, 12/31/2006 - 13:42 -- rprice

I was just reading a post on the Dandelion website about the Homemade for the Holidays craft market they had this month, and I saw a word I noticed on a button at said store:


One might say this is a marketing attempt on Dandelion's behalf, but after looking into it, I noticed that this was a concept originally developed by Frankie Messina of Apartment E, which is a local networking group that currently meets Wednesdays at Austin's Coffee (I think).

I guess the idea is very similar to that of Florida Creatives. There is a community aspect, a crafting thing, and of course buttons. I'm not sure about it all yet, but I'll have to get them on a podcast soon and ask them all about it.
I also came across another local networking group, Orlando Dorkbot. This one appears to be show-and-tell driven as opposed to just a networking event.


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