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Steve Safran's Mandatory Resolutions for the Newsroom

Tue, 01/02/2007 - 13:37 -- rprice

I've been reading the Lost Remote TV Blog for a while now (I wish I knew exactly when, I'd love for Netvibes to tell me the first day I added something to my homepage). The blog almost always has news, content and opinions that I just don't see from a lot of other bloggers. Today, Steve posted Your newsroom New Year’s resolutions for 2007, which is just fantastic. If every newsroom in the world made these resolutions, I wouldn't call my blog "Ryan Price vs. the Media" any longer, because the media would be doing things right.

Here are a few highlights:

If you were magically given a new TV channel, you wouldn’t populate it with your newscast over and over, would you? So why are you doing that online?

...once you have added 15 blogs to your site, you have a whole new set of programming. (see above) that is very attractive to local sponsors.

... Assumption: “Putting our shows online will cannibalize from ourselves.” Wrong.

... As long as you are training your advertisers that the web is added value, you are telling them it is NO value. Look at it another way: If I sold some web ads would you allow me to throw in TV time as “added value?” QED.


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