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How many feeds? 483? 108?

Wed, 01/03/2007 - 22:01 -- rprice

I just read on Scoble's blog that he has read over 25,000 items on his Google Reader account (which he hasn't been using that long) across 483 feeds.

These are two massive statistics. I doubt I subscribe to 100 feeds. I'm sure that if his feeds weren't published as a "river", meaning all the items simply appear in chronological order, he would not be able to stomach so many feeds. Also, if there weren't a "Mark All As Read" button, he'd be screwed.

Still, it shows the extremes as well as the median. Scoble is subscribed to 483 feeds, I'm subscribed to 108 (not counting MySpace blogs), and my father along with most of America is subscribed to 0. If we can make the average about 5 per person, feed subscription will have succeeded on a massive scale. Right now, it is still lagging a bit. Hell, it even took a few weeks of coaxing to get some of my tech-happy friends to create a Netvibes account.

How many feeds are you subscribed to? Are any of them from


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