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WTF Maxcast?

Wed, 01/17/2007 - 09:54 -- rprice

Somebody was surfing the boards and user profiles over at looking for go-getters to invite to a seminar about 'monopoly' this weekend in Orlando. The link in my email pointed to a page on

Here's the deal: in order to use this revolutionary industry-changing service you have to install a plugin... WRONG! Seriously, the second I see plugin, you had better have "Britney's Hoo-Ha" (to quote Alex Rudloff) on the other end if I am going to install something. Plugins slow down my browser, I don't like too many. USE FLASH PLAYER like everyone else.

You can't even watch the demo without installing the plugin! No flash, no quicktime, no WMV, not even RealPlayer! Even crappy realplayer would be better than a proprietary maxcast player.

Here's a reason to like HelloWorld, a service my friend Jason is selling. It works with your existing hardware and software. I haven't used it, but sometime soon I will be posting a Scoble-style video I recorded with Jason demonstrating the service. This is going on Charlie and Ryan's someday-to-be-announced Inside Orlando video show. The show definitely has a Scoble feel to it, but instead of Silicon Valley, we are going all Central Florida and CFL expats (some people started out here but moved on).

Is that officially too many shows? Maybe. Charlie was also telling me about possibly doing a real estate show with Bill Ferrante from Florida Creatives... I bet John Rife would be on top of that too. Ah well, you all probably stopped reading this post long ago.

I didn't install that plugin, and I never plan to either.


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