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MacBook Pro Optical SuperDrive Rejects 1 in 4 Discs

Fri, 02/23/2007 - 07:55 -- rprice

I am ready to visit a Mac Genius and make them replace this piece of shit drive. Every 4th disc, CD/DVD, gets rejected from the drive - sometimes trying again works, other times, I can try 10 times with no positive result. The first time I noticed this was Harry Potter on DVD.

At first I thought it was Warner Brothers trying to protect themselves from piracy, but then I tried a bunch of (good) burned discs, all with the same effect. Also, my volume 2 of Firefly is rejected, but the others work fine. Sure, these discs might have a tiny abnormality, but the thing just spins and spins and then spits the disc out! There is no way to mount the disc or override this function as far as I know. This is what I consider broken and I want a new one.

Support for my claim: MacBook Pro: Optical Drive

Update: The AppleCare disc was rejected the other day - that is my closing argument for when I go get someone to replace this thing.

Update: About a month later I took my MacBook in to the Apple store for repairs as I was going on vacation - the Millenia sroe was closed for renovations, so I went to the Florida Mall store, and the Mac Genius was very helpful. I proved the drive was busted, gave them my administrator password and went out of town, lugging my old PC laptop. When I came back, my MacBook Pro was as good as new and I haven't had any problems burning since. I wish I could have upgraded to a dual-layer drive, but I guess you get what you get.


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