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Central Florida (not Disney)

Mon, 03/05/2007 - 08:05 -- rprice


I look out the window of my apartment downtown though, and while its not very diverse, I can't see any franchises or mcmansions. I see an amplitheater that does Shakespeare every year, a park that has some sort of festival once a month and an amazing neighborhood known for its night life. Down the road is an antiques district. Not to far away is a collection of museums ranging from folk art to a science center. There's a top notch history center right in the midst of downtown as well. We have an NBA team, the 7th largest university in the country, and regularly play host to a number of college bowl games. Orlando itself is a thriving region with great food and fun things to do. There is much life outside of Disney and Orlampa just as there is much life outside of the Strip in Vegas.

I am SO glad there are no McDonald's downtown - Subway, that's an anomaly for now. Tijuana Flats started local at least, and Pita Pit is so alternative I give them buku brownie points.

This is why we have Liberatr and Orlando Scene TV and Orlando Video and Blogging Fringe and You Can't Spell Crapface Without PFA and Liberatr Presents. This is also why we have a healthy (albeit unconnected) blogging and podcasting community outside of my own personal efforts, hence Florida Creatives.


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