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The A-List Works Harder Than You Do

Fri, 03/23/2007 - 11:07 -- rprice

This guy Loren from 1938 media - which to my knowledge is a meta-blogosphere videoblog endeavor, but different than Irina's GETV - has put out another post that begs to be reblogged. The first exposure I had to these guys was when they had their Chinese correspondent say something about Jason Calacanis and Robert Scoble in Chinese - both of them reblogged it. A lot of blogs end up getting lots of traffic because they flame a band, film or company, but these guys get it by saying something nice and showing off that they are friends with the A-Listers.

Now, Loren has told us why the A-Listers got their A-List status, and he's totally right:

I actually got linked on Valleywag once because I said something nice about Jason, and Nick Denton (or whomever) Technorati'd me. The 1938 effect is quite a bit different than the Valleywagg effect... Valleywag is writing about you, Loren wants you to write about him.

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