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Orlando Sentinel is Missing the Biggest Story

Mon, 05/07/2007 - 07:57 -- rprice

I just finished thumbing through this week's edition of the Orlando Sentinel, and I've noticed a glaring omission: the HD-DVD story. The New York Times didn't miss it, not by a longshot. The content is easily enough syndicated from them or the AP. Hell, this week's TWiT has "The Code" as the title of their show!

This is an internationally significant story involving one of the most trafficked sites on the Internet. Orlando deserves to know. You don't have to include the code, but the NYT article at least linked to it, especially the song on YouTube. This thing will never go away. Ever. I can't believe my local paper is ignoring it.

The Sentinel does plenty of OK things, like compiling a CD of the year's best local bands and holding a concert for the release, so they're not all bad. But some other things, like CityBeat, I can't stand. I gotta say, when my Sunday subscription runs out, I doubt I'll be renewing.


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