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Marketing a Fringe Show 101

Tue, 05/29/2007 - 16:40 -- rprice

I seriously think Mark (and me?) should hold a workshop series next year and incorporate it with Beth Marshall's "Yapinars" (which I think is a fancy word for Unconference).

Some highlights: Mark got his friends to make lots of viral promotional videos for him. The photos of the sticky notes were taken by me (or I took very similar ones). The sash across the sign was added on when Mark got Patron's Pick (the reward for selling the most tickets in your venue is to get to play another show that is almost guaranteed to sell out). Inside the program there was a page with about 15 tear-off strips so that you could pass out flyers for the show if you liked (or didn't like) the show.

Mark, please put these pictures in an iMovie project with a soundtrack of your singing and repost it on Blip.TV - this GIF takes forever to load.

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