Commanding Chaos for Coworking, Open Source and Creative Communities Returns

Wed, 05/30/2007 - 00:37 -- rprice

For about the last week, has been down due to the fact that I had to move it to another server ASAP - my email wasn't working, and it was on the list of things to do for about 2 months anyway. The site used 80GB in the month of April (or thereabout). 80GB is nothing to scoff at.

I think I might start hosting my files on Amazon S3 or Cachefly or something as long as it's cheaper than hosting. We shall see.

The important news is: your feed should be back. It was broken for a while, which must not have been fun.

Since SO MANY posts came out during Fringe, it has made me re-think my quota for the feeds. I've now got the most recent 100 posts in the feed. I hope this doesn't take too long to download...?

If you have no idea what the hell I'm talking about, please check out right away. It's not currently even 10% of what I've got planned for it, but it helps a few people check all my blogs by visiting 2 sites instead of 10.


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