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I'm a BlogOrlando Podcasting Session Leader

Thu, 08/16/2007 - 08:22 -- rprice

In an unconference like BlogOrlando (September 27-29, 2007 Rollins College), there aren't attendees and speakers, but simply participants and discussion leaders. This means that collectively, the people sitting in the audience, or even just one person from the audience, might know more about podcasting than myself. My session on podcasting falls into the "technology track". The other sessions include PR/Marketing, Media, Life/Local, and a keynote by Shel Israel. This is one of the most significant tech, media and PR events in the SouthEast, and it's very cheap and easy to attend. Don't miss out on the Thursday night dinner or the Saturday excursion to EPCOT.

BlogOrlando Technology Sessions Track

Leader -John Rife, Orlando, FL - Finding America
John knows a thing or two about videoblogging. He and his wife traveled across the U.S. and documented their entire journey via a video blog. John will talk about how to get started with video blogging and the latest developments in the Vlogosphere.

Leader - Ryan Price, Orlando, FL - Ryan Price Media
If you want to talk podcasting in Orlando there is one name, Ryan Price. Ryan runs a few podcasts of his own and assists organizations with their podcasting needs.

Blogging Basics
Leader - Chris Scott, Orlando, FL - I Am Zed
Just looking to get started with a blog? Local developer/geek/triathlete Chris Scott will cover some of the basics to blogging.

Design on a Dime
Leader - Jeremy Harrington, Des Moines, IA - Crawl Space Media
Former Florida resident Jeremy Harrington is coming back to Orlando to talk about design. As a leading web and blog designer Jeremy will address some tools/tips/tricks that non-designers can use to spruce up their sites.

Leader - Mark Jaquith, Brandon, FL -
Florida is very fortunate that one of the leading WordPress developers lives in the area. Mark Jaquith heads up WordPress development for B5 Media and also contributes frequently to the WordPress community. If you have WordPress questions, Mark has the answers.

Blogging Tools
Leader - Judson Collier, Jacksonville, FL - Macteens
Local teen-blogger-geek Judson Collier will review some of the blogging tools that are available to help you post quicker, incorporate multimedia, and other work-flow related tips. The goal is to make you a better/faster blogger.

Search Engine Optimization (SEO)
Leader - Mark Jaquith, Brandon, FL -
Yes some SEO or Search Engine Optimization is evil and un-ethical, but Mark will be talking about some of the good stuff you can easily do to help with your search rankings.


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