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Will's Pub announces (another) new location

Thu, 09/27/2007 - 10:14 -- rprice

We heard long ago that Will would be moving into the old theatre-looking space next to the Cruises Only building, but later found out he was bogged down in legislation, or something to that effect. Here's the first I've heard about Will re-re-re-relocating (if you count the Will's Pub South incident and his current arrangement with TASTE).

From Orlando Metromix:

Will's Pub is coming back to not only Orlando, but Mills Avenue. Here's an excerpt from my column that is running in the Orlando Sentinel this Friday about it:

"I may not have come back with a dime from Vegas last week, but I felt like I hit the jackpot when I got home that night and found out Will Walker has found a new space for Will’s Pub. Better news is it’s on Mills Avenue in Orlando, not far from where the old place once stood, but closer to the Wally’s, Uncle Lou’s, Paradise and Peacock Room end of the action.

According to Walker, the space is roughly the same size as the old pub with three rooms instead of two. You should see the opening of the bar at 1040 N. Mills Ave. in the next month or two."

One thing I noticed is that this is just one street south of Say It Loud. Julio must be beaming.

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