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What do we make of this? Commercial Sexess?

Tue, 11/20/2007 - 10:53 -- rprice

While doing some surfing today, I came across a videoblog called Body of Art. Apparently this guy is a director working on a film called "Safety First: The Rise of Women". I don't know if there is a real film, but all of these clips intrigue me. They border on tasteless, and if it weren't for the half-dressed women in the shots, I'd almost believe what he was serious about what he was saying. Still, you have to give this guy some credit for owning a great camera, and that dancer in red appears to know what she's doing.

Is he doing anything different from The Man Show, a la Comedy Central? I can't figure that out. Here are two clips for you:

"Donuts and Holes"

"Dancer in Red"

This is the sort of thing that just makes me curious - how does a project like this get started? How is it that he's made 16 of these videos on a $0 budget - he must have something, right? There is some interesting commentary on Hollywood in the more recent videos, but it's still weird.

I do understand that being an art filmmaker is wholly frustrating, so aiming at a larger demographic and chasing commercial success is just where some of us have to go. That's cool.

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