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WEEN Live?

Fri, 02/01/2008 - 12:53 -- rprice

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I really expected more from this show. I wanted to be on one extreme or the other:

1) Completely abusing the audience, like the story Marc tells about how Gene and Dean won't start the show until someone orders them a pizza.

2) Completely entertaining at every moment, like a Flaming Lips show. There was no stage banter, the guys were very dry on stage - the drummer and keyboardist had more personality than the Ween Brothers.

The stuff from "La Cucaracha" is fine, I take all of the Ween albums except for White Pepper about equally, with Quebec and Pure Guava coming in second and third, but this album is just a slight evolution, I haven't had enough time with it to consider it anything but par for the course.

Also, I didn't know what the audience would be like, but it made a lot of sense. Lots of rednecks, lots of nerds. Not Geeks, who I'm very used to, people who are passionate about something to the point of being a bit weird and anti-social, just straight up nerds, folks who can't help but be a little awkward, and they're very proud of it.

My friend Jake is a good example of a nerd.

At least they played a few of my favorites - like "Bananas and Blow" in the finale, and "Zoloft".

I also wonder if they knew about the outbreak over at UCF when they played the "Spinal Meningitis" song.

Also, I have a huge complaint with the venue - the music was too damn loud. The house was probably sold to 60-70% capacity, and there was no way we could be heard over the sound system. That's too loud. Even in the back of the venue, my ears were bleeding a bit. When part of your standard concert-going apparel is the ironic t-shirt and earplugs, that's when you've got serious problems. Get over it, Hard Rock.


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