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What do you hope to get out of Doterati?

Wed, 06/18/2008 - 20:38 -- rprice

A particularly salient comment by Mr. Alex on this Doterati thread:

We have three of the top 10 largest universities in the country within striking distance and a low cost of living. We have a ton of available angel money and an eager local government. We have affordable bandwidth and office space. We have a strong creative community in part from our proximity to Universal and Disney.

I'd say the Space Coast and lots of the engineering stuff in the area adds to the caché as well, and lots of folks have been quoting EA Games as a big deal... which it is. I think Bonnier (my employer) could be more active in the community as far as corporate presence and making Orlando look cool - what are we really doing on that end? I didn't even know they were here until I found out about the job opening, and most people working next to me would say the same thing.

What do I want to get out of Doterati? Let's have the ability for folks in other parts of the world search for something simple on Google like "Orlando tech" and find all of the great stuff happening here - which I think this group will accomplish.

Funny, I know that some folks (myself included) have tried to keep the "agendas" and "special interests" out of this - but the agenda is to make us look cool, plain and simple. The means to that end have been supplied in the posts all over the site.


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