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Wed, 01/14/2009 - 09:52 -- rprice

Alex Hillman, originally uploaded by Aeioux.

Alex Hillman is a very no nonsense guy, and the founder of a kickass coworking space in Philadelphia called IndyHall. If you've ever met him, he was probably talking in front of a group of people about building community and other such coolness.

The fine folks from CoLab found out he is visiting Orlando next week, and it happened to fall on the day they were planning a party at their fresh-and-shiny coworking space downtown, so they asked him to come and make a guest appearance. Alex won't be speaking, just there amongst the mingle, spreading the good word.

Where: CoLab Orlando
Date: Wednesday, January 21st
Time: 6:30 pm

Too bad he won't be here Monday for Florida Creatives Happy Hour. Still, I'm very excited that CoLab is getting 2009 kicked off with a party, and continuing their $49 deal through January! I know a few people who could use a financial break right now.

Coworking is really starting to feel normal in Orlando, and a dedicated space is steadily becoming part of that ecosystem. New people are signing up for CoLab all the time - I haven't been alone in the space since the new year started - that means there's an uptake, and from all different kinds of people. Certainly worth checking out for a few hours next Wednesday, wouldn't you say?

This event is posted to every social network imaginable, so don't claim you didn't know it was happening. I will also remind you in person on Friday for Likemind and Monday at Florida Creatives. Be there!

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