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Photowalking, Anyone?

Tue, 09/15/2009 - 07:59 -- rprice

The last photowalk (at least that I know of) was back on April 10th. Anyone up for another? Perhaps through College Park? Perhaps October 1st? October 6th? Just asking...

EDIT: I went ahead and picked a time and place:

Tuesday October 6, 2009 at 5:30pm
Harmoni Artisan Meal Market
2305 Edgewater Dr # H
College Park, Florida 32804
Get Directions

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(some) Drupal Theming: Slides

Thu, 07/16/2009 - 18:04 -- rprice

For a DrupalEasy workshop we taught today for NEFLIN, I put together some slides about learning good webpage design, which is mostly geared towards theming Drupal. All of the links in here are clickable, and I highly recommend you check them out.

(pass around a shortened URL to this slideshare with

I spent years making static pages and hand-coding stuff before I came to Drupal, and I feel as though I was able to reach the brains of some librarians today with a few of these links. It was good fun when I was showing off the article about Sprites. One guy said "...really small, fly around sprinkling magic dust". Indeed.

Also, a quick reminder that we have a DrupalEasy CCK and Views Workshop coming up on July 23rd at Leu Gardens in Orlando. Use the coupon code "FLORIDA" to get $25 off registration.

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When was the last time you favorited a tweet?

Mon, 06/29/2009 - 06:05 -- rprice

A few days ago I was listening to @davewiner and @jayrosen_nyu on their Rebooting the News podcast, and dave was talking about his 40tweets app.

40twits takes a look at the stats for the shortened URLs you post to twitter and decides which ones are most popular, then displays them in order. Dave's current top link as about Wikipedia and Michael Jackson.

I don't know if it counts the link being retweeted, but I'm going to guess yes.

This got me thinking about one of the original features of twitter - the favorite. I remember using favorites a lot before I started following 1000+ people. Now I just sort of let the wave go by. Also, not every desktop tool has an easy/visible favorite button.

I put out a call to my twitter group: "when was the last time you favorited a tweet?" and got a big response. (displayed in reverse order)

Thanks @gilcreque, @modulist, @karschp, @thandelike, @ericschechter, @domhay, @staticnrg, @tiburon, @doreeno, @incanus77, and @mrscrumley for replying. Of everyone who participated, it seems like Eric Schechter and myself are the only two people who don't use it very often, or at all.

Looks like I'm not the only person thinking about the utility of Twitter Favorites. This post by Christopher Lynn is about the same subject.

TweetDeck has a view to let you look at your favorites, but I didn't see a place to add a favorite very easily - it's hiding under "other actions", which you see when you hover over the user's icon. Tweetie (desktop) requires a right-click, or you can press the "F" key, then a little star appears next to the tweet.

I currently pipe my blog feed to twitter, and I don't hear a lot of complaints about that. I'm thinking about piping my Delicious bookmarks to twitter as well. Do any of you folks pipe your bookmarks in? Would you like to see more useful links on twitter?

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How to Kick Ass at Your Job - Slides from Ignite Orlando #2

Wed, 06/24/2009 - 18:29 -- rprice

Before you get too far into your creative endeavor, stop and think about why you got into this in the first place. Creating a Mission statement can tell you why, but should not tell you how, when or how much, but a Vision statement can. Arnold, Cyrano and Kermit can help too.

Presented at IgniteOrlando just moments ago.

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BlogOrlando >>> WordCampOrlando, more events = more specialization = more awesome

Fri, 06/12/2009 - 05:47 -- rprice

The spring has kept me busy, so I haven't been able to read every blog post on my RSS reader. However, the recent announcements around WordCampOrlando made me wonder what Josh had to say about it.

BlogOrlando 2009 from Josh Hallet's blog:

After a great deal of consideration I have decided not to host a big, public BlogOrlando this year.
It is the complete end? No. I may still hold a small private event this year, or may think about hosting an event in 2010. We'll see.

2 years ago, I talked about doing PodCampOrlando, but the farthest we got was a happy hour and photowalk (lately I've been using the site to teach people how to do stuff in Drupal). Honestly, the social media wave tends to hit Orlando a year or two after the West Coast, so while a small and intimate PodCamp would have been fun, it was hard to get the podcasters, videobloggers, and especially the news media to sign on for something like that.

BlogOrlando was serving many of those folks very well, but now there may be some room in the Orlando calendar to explode what was BlogOrlando into a WordCamp, PodCamp, PR-unconference, SocialMediaClub, etc.

There are a lot more podcasts being produced in Central Florida than there were in 2006, and the ones that are still around from those days aren't going anywhere.

Would you come to a PodCamp? What presentation would you give, or what discussion would you like to have? Do you understand what a PodCamp is?

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Subscribe to Rebooting the News

Sat, 06/06/2009 - 13:22 -- rprice

I've been following Dave Winer's writing for some time, and he often has some great things to share with us. Lately Dave and Jay Rosen, who teaches Entrepreneurial Journalism at NYU, have started publishing a series of discussions about creating a "rebooted system of news". After 10 episodes, Dave created a dedicated website and feed for the show. You have to subscribe:

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Drupal Community Helpdesk at CoLab Orlando, First Fridays

Thu, 06/04/2009 - 07:20 -- rprice

12:00 - 1:30 PM, June 5th, July 3rd, August 7th, September 4th at CoLab Orlando

[caption id="attachment_760" align="alignleft" width="300" caption="It might look something like this"]It might look something like this[/caption]

A few months ago, I attended my first DrupalCon, and what an explosion of open source community awesomeness it was. As Mike and I are running a fledging Drupal shop, I was subconsciously looking for a shop I could use as a signpost, a group whose values and practices were in line with where I would like to be in a few years. I met the fine guys and gal from Advantage Labs in Minneapolis/St Paul, and was introduced to some of the awesome stuff they do.

One really great thing they offer in addition to web hosting, consulting and training is what they call Lab Hours. Twice a week, anyone experiencing a hang-up in their site, or just folks who are interested in helping, come by their offices for some roundtable support time. A goal is set to accomplish a certain task at the end of 2 hours, everyone pairs off and work commences.

There is no "expert" in the room doing all of the work. It's roundtable style, and that's how it should be.

This is pretty much a direct physical manifestation of the kind of help you get in #drupal-support in IRC. I have helped out there a bunch, and then having heard about this concept, I decided Orlando could use some community helpdesk time as well.

Starting with the first Friday of the month, I'll start hosting Lab Hours of my own here in Orlando. If you've attended DrupalCamp Florida or a Drupal Meetup, if you've attended one of our DrupalEasy training days or webinars, or if you're just curious about learning how to use this open source content management system, you're welcome to come by and share.

If nobody shows up, I'm going to open up IRC and help people in other parts of the world. I also intend to show everyone where they can go and get more help outside of helpdesk time.

CoLab is Orlando's first and only coworking space, on the 6th floor of the Angebuilt building, 37 N. Orange Ave. It's right at the corner of Wall St and Orange Ave, above Subway. It's the perfect place to host an event of this kind.

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My Pipes to Retweet Article as a Video

Thu, 05/28/2009 - 08:09 -- rprice

I've been getting lots of good karma and feedback from people about my retweeting recipe using Yahoo Pipes. In truth, the tutorial can be a bit hard to swallow if you aren't familiar with pipes or a node-based editing system.

Xavier Vespa from Hyve Up has done an easy to follow, step-by-step version of a retweeting recipe based on the content of my original tutorial.

From: HU Twitter: How-to Retweet Automatically - Video Demo

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JetPack, Bespin, Ubiquity... and beyond

Thu, 05/21/2009 - 13:56 -- rprice

Mozilla Labs announced a new product called JetPack, which reminds me of the kinds of features you've seen in Adobe Air, Flock and Songbird, but the tool makes creating said features very simple.

Mozilla Labs Jetpack - Intro & Tutorial from Aza Raskin on Vimeo.

In the video, the developer mentioned two other Mozilla Labs projects, the first of which I hadn't seen before. It's called Bespin, and it's a cloud-based code editor. Right now, they are hosting the app for open source developers, but I'd love to be able to host an instance on my own server in the future.

Introducing Bespin from Dion Almaer on Vimeo.

Last but not least is what's basically an implementation of QuickSilver (the application launcher) in your Firefox browser, but instead of launching desktop apps, you're accessing web services, search and browser actions. The project is called Ubiquity, and it's cool (for people who like using the keyboard).

Ubiquity for Firefox from Aza Raskin on Vimeo.

Then they just get downright insane...

Aurora (Part 1) from Adaptive Path on Vimeo.

This video really takes the idea of web browsing away from just a bunch of flashing data and gives some good context. I can't say I would like to use that exact interface, but extra points for effort.

Or if you'd rather see something that's not so far in the future, this MIT student builds on some ideas that are already out there and improves them. It still has some of the "spatial history" ideas, and takes the idea of "pages" out of the browser, but if you ask me, it doesn't go far enough.

Firefox Concept Video from liyan chang on Vimeo.

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