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Luxury Farming Equipment: If You Sell It, They Will Come - Modern Farmer

Fri, 06/21/2013 - 11:29 -- rprice

The growing popularity of urban farming and gardening has been great not only for aspiring agricultural enthusiasts, but also for the catalogs that cater to them. While there has been an outcropping, so to speak, of useful, well-made and reasonably priced tools and equipment, there has been an additional proliferation of items that are, well, not exactly essential to one’s farming and gardening needs. In 2012, Williams-Sonoma premiered its upscale Agrarian line, a compilation of products that included such rarities as a $400 beehive, $70 vintage watering can, and its (arguable) piece de resistance, the $1,499.95 cedar chicken coop. But Williams-Sonoma was hardly alone in its desire to outfit the more luxury-inclined soil tiller. Herewith are a few examples of gear for the farmer who has, well, most likely everything.