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Know Your Why | How To Build A Hardware Startup | Adafruit Learning System

Mon, 11/11/2013 - 16:49 -- rprice

To figure out your why, here is a simple exercise you can take yourself through: List what you are passionate about. List all the reasons you want to start a company. List all the emotions and desires you feel. (Frustration, hope, happiness, wanting freedom, etc) List what you want to change, improve, or make better in the world. These could be literal to the activity (i.e., make something easier), the feeling your customers will have (i.e., make people happy), or something you want to change (i.e., make the world better). Once you create these lists you can step back and find the common thread. While being honest with yourself can be hard, it's necessary if you want to be a great entrepreneur. If you can't understand why, you will start and run the wrong company.