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Solo Workers Bond at Shared Workspaces -

Thu, 11/14/2013 - 18:30 -- rprice

they are looking for nothing more than a diverse set of skills from its members, so that they might come together organically to form the blockbuster start-ups of tomorrow. “It’s an ecosystem,” Mr. Ryans said. “A lot of places focus on creating an environment where it’s like a lake, you’ve got four species of fish. We think we’re the Great Barrier Reef.” The very layout of Neuehouse is meant to suggest that work nowadays, at least for entrepreneurs, is a glorified version of hanging out. The main, gallery space, which opens next month (its upstairs studios opened last spring), is a collection of spaces meant to bring people together: there are retro-style library tables, kilim-covered cushions on a grand staircase designed for lounging, and conversation nooks with coffee tables and leather sofas. “The design strategy is a typology that looks at accidental encounters, as much as organizational clarity or efficiency,”