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The pi 3D Scanner

Fri, 11/15/2013 - 00:06 -- rprice

Each pole has 3 Raspberry Pies with the Pi Camera (5m pixel). The raspberries are connected to the network. Each network cable I custom made, using 4 wires for the actual networking (100mb) and 2 wires to supply 5 volt for the raspberry from one central powerfull powersupply (5v 60A). setup_illustration Each Raspberry connects to the central NAS (Qnap TS109) and load the listening software. This software listen on the network for a specific network broadcast. When this broadcast is received, each raspberry will take a photo. As the network package arrives at each raspberry at the same time, all 36 cameras take the photo in full synchronization. testsetup After the picture is taken and stored on the local SD card, the images are uploaded to the central NAS for further processing.