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Tue, 12/02/2014 - 17:14 -- rprice

This module provides a Drush Command to delete expired cache_form entries. This drush command is meant to be configured as a cron tab to take care of purging cache_form table. Usage: drush ffct : Deletes expired cache_form entries. Limits to 1000 by default. drush ffct 2500 : Deletes 2500 expired cache_form entries. FAQ: 1) But there is already safe_cache_form_clear module. Why this one? Because safe_cache_form_clear module does NOT build the query in the most optimal way. Due to limitations with using subqueries on Drupal DB API, the module builds a list of cids and adds an IN clause on the query appending the huge list. Say if you are purging 40K entries, the resultant query will be 2.6 Million characters long!!