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Interview with Christopher Stapleton, Creative Venture Catalyst | Entertainment Designer

Mon, 02/27/2012 - 10:42 -- rprice

I grew up loving learning and hating school. We have limited our imaginations so much, and our education system has limited how we develop imaginative and innovative thinking. It’s not a matter of making education game-like. The term “edutainment” is like “dinner theater” – while I love dinner, and I love theater, put them together and it’s not really a great dinner and it’s not great theater either. You should be able to combine the two to make it more than the sum of the parts. My goal is to make learning the #1 entertainment genre, because we really made education boring when learning is so exhilarating. The learning experience should be a non-linear exchange of ideas, actions and emotions that stimulate imagination, creativity, and passion. I’m looking to weave these elements together as the core of education.