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Raspberry Pi's $35, 700MHz Linux computer enters manufacturing

Sat, 01/28/2012 - 11:57 -- rprice

The Raspberry Pi Foundation announced this week that its $35 Linux computer has entered the manufacturing stage. The system, which is an open board with a 700MHz ARM11 CPU and 256MB of RAM, could be available for sale within a matter of weeks.

Raspberry Pi intends to offer two separate models with different hardware specifications. The initial manufacturing run is focused on the "B" model, which is the higher-end $35 configuration. They will follow it up with an "A" model for $25 that will have half as much memory and lack hardware features like an ethernet controller.

The Raspberry Pi computers have RCA and HDMI outputs that allow them to be plugged into a television. Input devices, such as mouse and keyboard, can be plugged in via a USB port.