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World's top destinations for 2012 -

Wed, 01/25/2012 - 20:58 -- rprice

some people might think of this choice as "ridiculous," but he called Orlando a legitimate surprise.

"By Orlando, I refer to Orlando the city," he said. "Local Orlando (residents) will tell you that the amusement park scene has no connection to the city itself."

The metropolis most people breeze by as they head to Disney World will transform into celebrity central as it hosts the 61st NBA All-Star Game in February.

Reid advised travelers to check out the city's lakes, museums and scenic neighborhoods, including the bohemian Milk District.

He also praised Orlando's food scene.

"There's this very big, wonderful, authentic, fantastic and tasty Vietnamese restaurant community called ViMi -- it's more authentic Vietnamese restaurants than you find in New York or San Francisco," he said.