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Five Central Florida firms adding 175 high-wage jobs - Orlando Business Journal

Fri, 08/03/2012 - 16:16 -- rprice

XOS Digital Technologies Inc., a digital media management firm in Lake Mary with 57 workers, plans to add 46 new jobs through 2014. Salaries will average $60,833 and include engineering, sales and digital media-related positions.

In addition, XOS expects to spend $3.3 million to build out and furnish 25,000 square feet in the GAI Building in downtown Orlando. The company was approved for $126,000 in local incentives and will seek an additional $299,000 from the state in the coming weeks.

“We are analyzing where we should grow our business,” whether it be Orlando or in Boston where XOS has a presence, said Christopher McCleary, president and CEO of XOS Digital. “We are working on new projects and products, and we need the new help and space for those new initiatives.”