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Startup Orange County

Wed, 09/05/2012 - 08:38 -- rprice

2012 First Cycle Class

Fancy Kiwi - Provides a very easy to use subscription service for intimate feminine hygiene products with the future intention of becoming the one-stop-shop for all related monthly products.

IN2F - Is working on creating a geo-location platform on which geo-centric apps can be easily created for differing products. Their first app release will be called "I Gotta Pee" and will be focused on providing the easiest way to quickly and conveniently find clean restrooms.

Mole Shopper - Will provide a CMS style system for mystery shoppers to easily record and categorize the immense amount of information collected during a mystery shop.

PicVoice - Is developing a service that is focused on making it as simple as possible to attach audio to the pictures people already have and care about.