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Drupal world domination - step 2 | Acquia

Wed, 08/29/2012 - 13:01 -- rprice

I'm going to spend some time seeing if I can put together a Seed Accelerator for Drupal. Thus - step 2 in my personal plan for Drupal world domination.

What would this look like? I'm not completely sure yet. I suspect it would work a great deal like the TechStars program (see also the FAQ):

Interested teams would submit an application to get into the program. The application period would be open for several months
All applications are reviewed, and a handful - probably around 10 - are selected and offered entry into the program
Those who join would get a small amount of direct seed funding, plus more in an optional convertible debt note
Those who join must commit to come to Boston for a 3-month intensive mentoring program full of learning opportunities, direct mentoring and coaching on getting their business off the ground
The program provides co-working space during the program
At the end, there is a Demo Day. If the TechStars team is illustrative, the audien