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Interesting Brits and Aussies (and Floridians, Michiganders)

Fri, 02/01/2008 - 21:48 -- rprice

I've certainly noticed the work of Russell Davies before, but somehow I thought he just blogged about food, because he's written a book about 50 great cafés around the UK called Egg, Bacon, Chips & Beans with an accompanying café blog, as well as one called a good place for a cup of tea and a think.


Watch A Local Folkus, Learn About Central Florida's Local Food Movement

Thu, 12/20/2007 - 15:06 -- rprice

I finally got to watch John Rife's awesome locavore video, and I now feel very educated and inspired to explore and sample some of the places and foods he intoduces us to in his first installment of A Local Folkus.


Photos from London

Sun, 11/18/2007 - 09:04 -- rprice

It was awesome. I'm going back at least twice next year. I have lots to catch up on, but it doesn't feel like a chore. I'm getting some nice solidification of some of my crazy ideas, and some perspective on some of my old ones. 2008 will be the best year ever, and I have Kait and London to thank for it in part.

Coworking London, any takers?

Thu, 11/08/2007 - 07:49 -- rprice

If anyone has Google Alerts set for CoworkingLondon, they'll come across this blog post and reply soon.

I am currently staying in Northern London, and I'm now an expert at the tubes and trains here, so I can get to anyplace I like. I have a day off tomorrow until around 1600 (that's 4PM for you non-Europeans), and I'd like to co-work somewhere in town.



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