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'Aunt Bertha' site helps those in need find aid

Thu, 04/12/2012 - 14:40 -- rprice

Right now, Aunt Bertha consists of Gray, two part-time employees and the crowdsourced knowledge of users who can report incorrect information or add programs that aren't listed (which are then verified by Gray or a staffer). Currently, the site also offers live chats if someone is navigating the site and can't find what he's looking for, something Gray says he'll do for as long as he and his small staff are able as the site grows.

Gray has tried to get the word out to agencies, giving out buttons and cards to organizations like Caritas of Austin and trying to make caseworkers aware of the site's features.

Aunt Bertha isn't a nonprofit. Instead it's a certified "B Corporation," a classification for for-profit businesses whose goals include engaging in social good. Gray says he hopes the site will make money matching up website visitors with job search services and offering application processing to state agencies.