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Lynx FlexBus: Four Central Florida towns to try buses on demand - Orlando Sentinel

Wed, 09/19/2012 - 11:17 -- rprice

Lynx has won $3.5 million in federal grants to come up with the software and a plan to put the buses on the road by November 2013. The idea is to have the system running before the SunRail commuter train starts operations in 2014.

"You want it to be [working] pretty seamlessly before SunRail," Brock said.

FlexBus could help SunRail riders get to their final destination, as well as target "choice riders," or people who have access to cars but might be persuaded to ride a bus or train.

The goal is to show up within 12 minutes of a call and complete the trip in no longer than twice the amount of time it would take people driving in their car — for example, getting from point A to point B within 20 minutes if a private vehicle takes 10 minutes.

Planners envision 30 to 60 stops within the four cities, many of them along prime roads such as U.S. Highway 17-92, state roads 436 and 434 and Maitland Avenue. Once a passenger got on board, there would be no transfers, just the vehicle taking