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I'm outta here!

Fri, 07/06/2007 - 17:40 -- rprice

Update: Oops! somehow this didn't get posted! Here it is a few days late.

Wow, the "B" terminal at the Orlando airport has certainly looked better - I'm flying US Air today (because I was trying to save $50 and they had a cheaper flight to Manchester, NH), and the 50-59 wing is looking ragged. At least the free wi-fi still works.

I left my MacBook power cord safely at home -- feeling really great about having to find a big-box computer store in rural Maine. If you live there, or New York City or Boston, comment on this post and we'll get in touch.

Hey, that's in Orlando!

Wed, 06/27/2007 - 03:36 -- rprice

One of my top 5 blogs, Lost Remote, often has stories that deal with Orlando - like when something happens at the Tribune company, a lot of times the Sentinel will be mentioned. Apparently, they tried out re-designing the local paper's web site before doing Chicago. OK, but now here's a story about our local NBC affiliate using a Slingbox to show the weather during live TV. Who knew?

From Lost Remote:



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