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Wed, 12/07/2005 - 15:53 -- rprice

Reminder from the Calendar of ucfmkalumni

Friday December 9, 2005
7:30 pm - 10:30 pm
This event does not repeat.
The next reminder for this event will be sent in 1 day, 4 minutes.
Event Location: AMIGOS @ Waterford Lakes Town Center
Street: 749 S. Alafaya Trail
City, State, Zip: Orlando, FL 32828
Phone: 407-488-6363
Come join us for Social Hour and Holiday cheers.

End of Line


Fri, 10/14/2005 - 11:29 -- rprice

Yesterday I got 2GB of RAM I can do nothing with until the nice boys in Cupertino (well, China I guess) put my machine to gether. I also have this big fancy KVM Switch coming (for using two computers, but sharing the peripherals) that I consider to be a long-term investment, because it cost an arm AND a leg AND my left nut. Unbelievable.

For the curious, I am getting:

Dual 2.3GHz G5 PowerMac
2GB 400MHz Memory
256MB Radeon 9650 8xAGP
16x Dual Layer SuperDrive
My 17? ViewSonic CRT for now.

Boca Raton, FL

Thu, 10/06/2005 - 17:47 -- rprice

I am going to visit my brother Eric in Boca this weekend. Google Local says it will take 3 hrs 16 mins to get there, but I know there will be construction and lots of rain rain rain. two dying hurricanes were hovering around this week, and there was a flood warning issued for most of South Florida this week.

My bro has been trying to get me to visit him since I got back in town, but I am going now for three reasons:


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